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A new way to connect

Playtime is a gaming platform with unique games designed to be played at work.
Each team game can help break down barriers and open up new ways of connecting with your coworkers.

Work happiness is declining

Worldwide, unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by 2 to 1.
Across the globe, 87% of workers feel disconnected from their workplace (source).

Games FTW

By using simple and engaging games, Playtime takes you and your company out of the past and into the 21st century.

Transform your team, your company

With a single click, you can start a revolution inside your team and instantly open it up to your entire company.

Totally SFW

We don‘t share your account or info with anyone. Even your employer won‘t know you‘re using Playtime.

We believe in play

The way you interact with the people around you can have a big impact on your happiness. Learn more about us and our mission here.
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